My name is Ken Curtis and I was a professor teaching in Dubai who decided to take some time to explore Asia. I've been traveling now for over two years.

Welcome to my personal site.

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Update: it appears that kencurtis.in was hacked and although I thought that I had corrected the damage the hacker had done, google and firefox says otherwise. They both are giving some pretty nasty messages to keep people from accessing my site. Like every designer my brand is important to me and because I don't want there to be a chance that my site is still compromised I have decided to rebuild it. If you notice you are no longer at kencurtis.in, but are instead on kennethcurtis.com. Most of the regular site is the same, but I've omitted the blog, since I believe it was Wordpress that opened the door for the hacker. I'm sorry if anyone coming to my site was scared away from the warning that they may have seen when the site opened and please understand I am doing everything I can to fix the problem.

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Some of my recent videos.

In addition to making video tutorials for some of my courses, I have recently started making videos chronicling parts of my life. Some of these videos focus on traveling and the experiences that I have been fortunate enough to have had. Others are a way to remind me what life was like...back then. :) I've included some of the more recent and will continue to as I make more.


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Bathing with Elephants

1:11 | HD

The beginning of the year I was vacationing in Nepal and got a chance to shoot this video.

Bike Ride Behind Dubai

7:38 | HD

Not very far from the glitz of Dubai is a dusty dirt road perfect for a bike ride.

Diving in Sri Lanka

6:34 | HD

Spring Break 2013 I went to Sri Lanka just to rest and do some diving.

Hiking in Oman

7:41 | HD

One of my favorite places to just go unwind is Hatta, Oman. This trip was very picturesque.

Going for an Elephant Ride

1:27 | HD

Did an elephant safari in January, 2014. It was difficult to get a steady shot, but it was still lots of fun.

Timelapse Sunset Over JBR

0:36 | HD

Sat on a jetty for about 2 hours just to make this timelapse of the Jumeriah Beach Residence.

It's a Great Life.

I feel fortunate to have experienced all that I have. I’ve seen and experienced things, that as a child, would never haved dreamed that I would see. Besides, I’m healthy, have a good career, and I’ve been able to travel the world.

It really is a great life.

Current Research.

I have been working with web related technology since about 1997. First diving into HTML4 for simple pages. Later as the need arose I would look at other languages or technologies to subsidize the HTML. After HTML I worked with CSS and then tried my hand at the old standby server-side language, PERL. That lasted a couple of years until I heard of a new language, php and MySQL.



For the last 16 years I have been programming basic sites using HTML4.01, but in the last year I made the conscious decision to move over to HTML5. I am the first to say that I've still got a lot to learn. Experience Novice.


I've been working with CSS2 and CSS3 for about 14 years. Experience level, advanced.


Bootstrap is a responsive HTML5 frontend framework that expedites the creation of responsive layouts. This site is the second site that I've utilized Bootstrap. Experience Novice

Love me some web.

Sometimes I wonder why I initially got into web design. Unlike other forms of art such as painting or sculpture, web design has not finished growing and maturing. It seems nearly every year another language is introduced or a design method has moved to the forefront and must be studied and utilized to maintain an edge in web. Having said that, and knowing that for at least the foreseeable future, I will continue to struggle to keep up, it's what I enjoy doing, and I've enjoyed doing it for over 17 years.


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