Artist Interview: Susan Moore

The end of last month I finally got to sit down with the talented artist and colleague, Susan Moore. Not only is she a painter from Iowa that specializes in oil paintings centered on food. she’s also an Assistant Professor of Art at Peru State College. Her ‘delicious’ work has been seen all around the country, with her most recent upcoming show starting in January at the Stanford Art Museum in Oklahoma. I can honestly say that I feel fortunate to have gotten her to agree to this interview.

In the interview Susan discusses her path into the area of fine arts. How she first chose animation as a way to express herself, and finding shortly afterwards that it wasn’t for her. Her trials of working through illnesses and rebuilding her life after a devastating fire all while starting a family. Eventually deciding to start graduate school in Denton, Texas. Susan is now in Nebraska teaching at Peru State College.
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An Interview with the illustrator and friend, Julia Townsend

About three weeks ago I decided to sit down with a good friend and former colleague to ask her a few questions to get her take into what it’s like to be an accomplished artist, I also wanted to hear the process that she took to get there. I think it’s safe to say that in many ways Julia Townsend is renaissance woman with wide-ranging skills from painting to sculpture and long distance running to sea kayaker. If there is anything that she is not capable of doing I haven’t seen it yet.

Julia has lived and worked as an artist all around the world from Germany to Dubai. She is currently living with her husband in Edenton, North Carolina, where they run the Peanut Factory (PF). The PF was a former, you guessed it, peanut factory and through which she and her husband are converting to art center. From what I understand the PF is becoming a center for all things art. It is currently hosting artist’s residencies and they have just finished a gallery for exhibitions. She plans on adding a restaurant and housing for the visiting artists as well. Continue reading

Artist: Corey Pickett

Artist Interview: Corey Pickett

Artist: Corey PickettThe latest artist interview that I had scheduled for this site was to be for a longtime friend, Corey Pickett, who is starting to make a name for himself in the art field. I use the word, “starting” a little loosely because by some measures, he has “arrived.” His work is topical and relevant to the current tone of society in the US. I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that I would expect his work to take off in a couple of years. He’s had solo exhibitions across the country and his work is currently being shown at ENMU, with a new exhibition in Sante Fe, that will be opening shortly. This December he will be showing in Pennsylvania too.

For this interview I decided to go in a slightly different direction than the past interviews, namely I wanted the interview with Corey to be a podcast. This was the first time that I’d done an interview like this so bear that in mind when you listen to it. I have experience with audio recordings, but I lack quality equipment and a true studio to conduct the interview. Also, in the back of my mind, I was hoping that this will be a regular method of interviews for
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Artist Interview: Greg Senn

Call on Me 1

If you’re new to, I’d first like to welcome you to the new design and hope that if you get a chance you’ll take a moment to look around. One of the many goals of this site is to create an area for artists of all kinds. It doesn’t matter if their chosen area is in fine arts or applied arts and even if they fall between the two, all are welcome.

As the function of the webmaster/creator of this site I get the honor and privilege to invite Greg Senn, one of my closest friends and favorite artists to be the first interview. As well as being a certified scuba diver for nearly twenty years, he has been an artist and art professor for about thirty years. Greg has primarily based his work on casting and metal work and it truly remarkable some of the pieces that he has created. His work ranges from serious to playful and he seems to revel in the freedom that art gives him.

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Micki Muhlbauer

Before I start the profile, I want to make sure that I let everyone know that I have added Mic to the site without her permission. I needed some content, so I wrote for an hour or two. This shouldn’t be considered a “true ” look at her work. Hopefully in the near future I’ll contact her to do a full interview.

The first artist that would profile seemed like an easy one. I chose my longtime friend and mentor, Mic Muhlbauer. I’ve known her for about 21 years and she was one of my first professors when I entered undergrad and I am still as impressed with her work as I was the first time that I saw it so long ago. Though retired now, she lives a comfortable life following the life of an artist in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Mic’s main body of work contains a playful feel that embraces caricature”ism” melded with realism. Looking at her work you get a sense of stepping into her life as she lived it. I think that’s what makes it so interesting to me that I feel as if I’m getting a glimpse into her life. Even the people that are portrayed in her work seem to remind me of people that I realize that I don’t know, but maybe have seen somewhere. Maybe these unnamed people remind me of someone that I have known in my life.

Discussing Mic’s painting’s special knack of bringing the viewer into her world is to me, unique, but she has also moved to other types of work as well. She has a whole body of work that is 3D or sculptural. I’m the first to say that I am in no way an expert in castings or 3D, but from I can see in Mic’s sculptural work has the same basic playfulness that her paintings do.

 A selection of Mic’s work