Artist Interview: Susan Moore

The end of last month I finally got to sit down with the talented artist and colleague, Susan Moore. Not only is she a painter from Iowa that specializes in oil paintings centered on food. she’s also an Assistant Professor of Art at Peru State College. Her ‘delicious’ work has been seen all around the country, with her most recent upcoming show starting in January at the Stanford Art Museum in Oklahoma. I can honestly say that I feel fortunate to have gotten her to agree to this interview.

In the interview Susan discusses her path into the area of fine arts. How she first chose animation as a way to express herself, and finding shortly afterwards that it wasn’t for her. Her trials of working through illnesses and rebuilding her life after a devastating fire all while starting a family. Eventually deciding to start graduate school in Denton, Texas. Susan is now in Nebraska teaching at Peru State College.

For this interview I had access to the school’s studio. Although it’s bare and needs quite a bit of work before I can start doing video interviews, I think it made this interview much better than the others. It’s kind of nice to not have to apologize for the sound problems. Enjoy the interview

Contact Susan:
Her Web Site: Susanmooreart
Facebook: theartistsam

The Interview:
LENGTH: 58:54 | MP3


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