VR Headset by Leap Motion

I wanted to share a video that I found on Mashable.com about Leap Motions’s new AR Headset. From the description on the youtube video, “Leap Motion has been working on Project North Star, an open source augmented reality hardware and UX design project centered on interaction. The headset has incredible hand tracking without the need of special gloves and will cost around $100. “

What makes this so unique, at least to the point that I was willing to write about it is that you can interact with 3d objects completely. There are many VR headsets that allow some manipulation of virtual items, but it appears that Leap has taken it to the next level. The video contains examples of tab-like structures connected to a persons hand that can be pulled out, maybe scrolled, somewhat similar to using a web site. I’m not really sure how this would be utilized in a program, but the fact that the tabs appear to be fixed to the person’s hand is remarkable. No gloves required.

Take a moment to watch the video, it’s only 48 seconds, and let me know how you see this technology being used.