The all powerful Google has spoken

robotSo the title is a little bit incendiary in my opinion mainly because of my attitude toward Google lately. When Google first appeared on the WWW stage it was a breath of fresh air. Finally there was a site that seemed to want to provide a quality service that didn’t just care about money unlike many of the search engines of the time. My pre-google favorite was Alta Vista and without any hesitation I dumped AV and ran to Google. Besides having a clean interface, accurate results, and of course who could forget the, “I feel lucky” button made me want Google to succeed. This was all back in about 1999, if my memory serves me correctly. In a very short period of time Google was the most popular search engine and in my opinion the quality of their search warranted it.

That seems so long ago now. The once playful attitude and quality search has, in my opinion been replaced with a huge corporation that feels that it has the duty to police the web. Continue reading