About the images used in the headers

Contact me if you are the student that drew this image.

I want to talk about the images/illustrations that are under the menubar on the main pages of this site. Aren’t they the best ever? I wish I could claim them as my own, but I can’t. What I can do is acknowledge that I got them from people that I know. I didn’t just search the web for great images, but the people that created these images are super-talented and although I may be stepping out a little, they are my friends or at least were my friends. The image on the front page is by a world renowned illustrator and I’m not exaggerating, his illustrations have been on some of the most well know magazines in the world and I think he’s my friend, Maris Bishofs, from Riga, Latvia.

The other image that I’m using, again with implicit understanding it was okay to use, was from a highly talented student that I had a few years ago. This sounds bad, but I can’t for the life of me remember her name. I can see her face, and see her sitting in class, but I can’t remember her name. I’ve spent hours looking for her on deviant art with no success. Years ago, I left a comment on her deviant art page and I thought if I could log into my account there, that I could find her, but I can’t find anything about her. The girl can draw! As her professor and supposedly an expert on art, I was in awe. Contact me if you are my student that drew the pokeman image.


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