This immersive tech turns your memories into beautiful abstract art.

I guess that I expected it to happen one day or another, but to actually see brain waves of memories is something that I don’t think I really thought would happen for some time. The idea of turning your memories into a visual medium is very interesting though. Think about it, if you’re thinking about an episode of your life, maybe a break up, or a fight, or maybe something enjoyable like when you got married, or when your toes first touched the sand on the beach in Thailand, and you see the result as a graphic on the screen in front of you. Maybe it’s colorful for your happy memories, and maybe dark for your sad ones.

According to an article on, “A London-based creative technology studio, Random Quark, has found a way to visually and directly represent emotions by scanning people’s brains to create awe-inspiring paintings.”

In all honesty they really don’t show a lot of the end result, but the premise of idea is intriguing to say the least. I mean, could you create a work of art based only on your memories? Could you explain your perspective of an event based on memories? Imagine someone looking at your past and seeing how bad you felt or how happy your were based on this technology. Is it a huge step to think that this could be used as a medical tool. I don’t know, but it would seem that some medical professionals would benefit from knowing what an event meant to you.





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